I hate to be the bearer of bad news but ... WE WILL NOT WIN THE SUPERBOWL EVERY YEAR. I certainly hoped we would repeat this year, but realistically, it does not happen often. So, I lived and enjoyed the wins and fretted over the losses this year, as in every year. Aren't we all glad to just be able to root for a team that will compete, maybe play for a championship every few years? Sure beats the old days of the 70's. All I mean is that it is nice to root for our Giants and life goes on anyway, regardless of how the season plays out. we do not have an impact on what the team does, who they hire, cut or play. Those guys are pretty smart. I know we are all pretty smart too, but if we were that smart, we'd have a job in the business. :-) Have a Coke and a smile and enjoy our team, no matter what.