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Thread: Anybody Else Worried about next season

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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but ... WE WILL NOT WIN THE SUPERBOWL EVERY YEAR. I certainly hoped we would repeat this year, but realistically, it does not happen often. So, I lived and enjoyed the wins and fretted over the losses this year, as in every year. Aren't we all glad to just be able to root for a team that will compete, maybe play for a championship every few years? Sure beats the old days of the 70's. All I mean is that it is nice to root for our Giants and life goes on anyway, regardless of how the season plays out. we do not have an impact on what the team does, who they hire, cut or play. Those guys are pretty smart. I know we are all pretty smart too, but if we were that smart, we'd have a job in the business. :-) Have a Coke and a smile and enjoy our team, no matter what.

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    As I said before, we take care of the division and we should be okay. Cowboys will always choke, Eagles are in a rebuilding process and Redskins just gambled RG3's future for a game they had little chance of winning. At the least, RG3 will miss the pre-season. We were actually better this season than last in terms of the fact that we won against really good teams, and teams we don't usually beat in the regular season -- Niners, Packers and Saints. We lost very tough, close games against the Eagles, Redskins and Steelers. Yeah, we stumbled at the end, but we finished with the same record as last season. I do think that late bye week did not really help us at all. Would have been good if it happened the week after Sandy. The goal next year is to make the playoffs and we go from there. I think the Super Bowl being at MetLife will be motivation enough.

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    don't worry. we crested the proverbial hill with our last SB run. our players are aged at some positions and not at others. we basically are like picking the meat off the chicken bone and deciding what we want to keep and what to get rid of. relax. every team goes through this

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    Quote Originally Posted by rebelfan1966 View Post
    It looks like we are going to have the same OC and DC. We will probably have the same injury prone players who will start getting hurt right out of the gate, then injuries will trickle down throughout the entire season. We will try to make do with players who are more or less 2nd and 3rd string caliber players. Nothing indicates the organization has any sense of urgency in fixing these glaring problems, or that they even acknowlege there is a problem.

    I bet by game 3 we will alread be down 2 DBs, 1 OL, and 1 WR.... possibly 1 RB.
    it's posts like this that make me never want to come back to these boards! And the reason why I don't post much in the offseason. Some fans are not rational!!!!

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