Excerpt: "As we meander our way through reviews of the New York Giants much-too-short 2012 season we have come to the point where we discuss offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. Which is a nice way of saying we have come to the post where Giants' fans unload all of their venom at Gilbride, the offensive coordinator many love to hate no matter what he does.

Do the numbers support the venom? I have never believed that, and still don't. Gilbride is a far better offensive coordinator, I believe, than many are willing to give him credit for. He has called plays for two Super Bowl-winning teams and the Giants' offense, despite whatever short-comings it has, is always among the league's most prolific.

Gilbride has been with the Giants since 2004 and has been calling plays for Eli Manning since the end of the 2006 season. Is his offense, or his message to his players, stale? When I spoke to Jim Sabo of Ourlads recently, he theorized that it might be.

"There's something to be said for continuity, I believe in that. But, there's also a time when some of these guys start getting tuned out," Sabo said. "They've given ‘em all the speeches, they've given everything they've got and pretty soon they stop listening to ‘em. I don't know if that's the time for both Gilbride and [Perry] Fewell to move on. But there's something not right with either group."

It is an interesting theory. It is one, however, that I am not buying. Yes, the Giants as a whole had some awful games in 2012. The Giants did, however, score 429 points -- second-most in franchise history behind the 448 scored by the 1963 Giants.From Team Rankings here are some of what I consider to be the most revealing numbers about the Giants' offense in 2012:

Points Per Game -- 26.8 (5th)
Points Per Play -- 0.443 (2nd)
Touchdowns Per Game -- 2.9 (7th)
Red Zone Scoring Attempts Per Game -- 3.9 (4th)
Red Zone Scoring Percentage (TDs only) -- 54.84 percent (13th)
Plays Per Game -- 60.5 (31st)
Yards Per Play -- 5.9 (4th)
Avg. Time Of Possession -- 29:10 (23rd)
Third Down Conversion Percentage -- 40.62 percent (11th)
Rushing Attempts Per Game -- 25.6 (23rd)
Yards Per Rush Attempt -- 4.6 (7th)
Rushing Play Percentage -- 42.25 percent (15th)
Passing Yards Per Game -- 239.1 (12th)
Yards Per Pass Attempt -- 7.1 (11th)
Yards Per Completion -- 11.8 (4th)
QB Sacked Percentage -- 3.58 percent (2nd)
Average Team Passer Rating -- 87.2 (14th)
"