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    Points Per Game -- 26.8 (5th)
    Points Per Play -- 0.443 (2nd)
    Touchdowns Per Game -- 2.9 (7th)
    Red Zone Scoring Attempts Per Game -- 3.9 (4th)
    Red Zone Scoring Percentage (TDs only) -- 54.84 percent (13th)
    Plays Per Game -- 60.5 (31st)
    Yards Per Play -- 5.9 (4th)
    Avg. Time Of Possession -- 29:10 (23rd)
    Third Down Conversion Percentage -- 40.62 percent (11th)
    Rushing Attempts Per Game -- 25.6 (23rd)
    Yards Per Rush Attempt -- 4.6 (7th)
    Rushing Play Percentage -- 42.25 percent (15th)
    Passing Yards Per Game -- 239.1 (12th)
    Yards Per Pass Attempt -- 7.1 (11th)
    Yards Per Completion -- 11.8 (4th)
    QB Sacked Percentage -- 3.58 percent (2nd)
    Average Team Passer Rating -- 87.2 (14th)


    I think it is obvious where we need to improve. OLINE.
    wtf, how was this offense ranked so highly across the board except 2 or 3...everythings top half or better...where did this season go wrong???

    yp completion(4th) and yp rush(7th) were top 7, was the redzone lack of tds really killing us that badly? Are the defensive stats the opposite in terms of ranking so highly across the board?
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