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Thread: carter mock 2.0

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    carter mock 2.0

    1st - Sam Montgomery, DE LSU
    2nd - Arthur Brown, LB Kansas State
    3rd - Logan Ryan, CB Rutgers
    4th - Justin Pugh, OT Syracuse
    5th - Daniel McCullers, DT Tennessee
    6th - Blaize Foltz, G TCU
    7th - DC Jefferson TE, Rutgers

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    not bad.. I think Pugh is a solid sleeper in this draft... Foltz has starting potential, and DC Jefferson may be a more productive pro then college player.. Arthur Brown , Sm Montgomery, and Logan Ryan would be a solid trio to start the draft off with..

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    I love brown. Really hope we take him

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    Eh on the first pick. Agree about Jefferson. He has never had a great QB throwing to him. He has great size for the position. Just a good athlete.

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    I'm not a Sam Montgomery fan. I'd rather have Okafor or Ansah.

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    Always loved the potential for DC Jefferson. Great size.
    Quote Originally Posted by PBTimmons View Post
    This. Pugh is not happening. Not. Happening.

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    McCullers returning to school.


    Kid is a beast...

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    Quote Originally Posted by born blue View Post
    McCullers returning to school.


    Kid is a beast...

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    Kevin Minter in the 2nd round if your looking at LB, would of been a better choice.

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    I think Sam Montgomery may be a combine loser. Or guy who falls prior to the draft. It is pure speculation on my part, but the guy looks really slow out of his stance. To me, he appears to really lack explosion. Watch the Alabama game to see what you guys think. He looks slower out of his stance than many of the DTs on his own team and was often the last guy on the dline to engage the oline.

    I do not want him at 19. Truth be told, I think there are other players projected to go later that I think are more promising. I am not hating on him, as there are things to like about him, but I just dont think he belongs in the mid 1st. I do like his gap control, but thats not a reason to draft a de in the 1st
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