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    Peyton manning fans and colts fans rooted for us. Should we do the same for Peyton?

    I recall hearing on espn how colts fans were all rooting for Eli in the SB?.
    Should we do the same for peyton and the broncos?

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    Im rooting for Denver now.. because of Von Miller

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    I don't have a problem rooting for Eli's brother.

    Go Broncos.....go Seahawks!!!!!

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    I used to, but since I now find it impossible to turn on the television or open a newspaper without having to look at his face, no....I cant, and wont. The hype has killed my love of Peyton.

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    I will. Hype for Peyton? Gimme a break, the guys a 1st ballot HOF & will retire holding almost every major NFL passing record in NFL history!

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    Seeing as how Eli's ring count is the only thing keeping him from being a footnote in the Manning family, I cannot root for Peyton to get his second ring (at least until after Eli gets a third). Otherwise, I wish him well...

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    It would be nice to see Peyton cap off this awesome comeback season with a SuperBowl win but I don't think it is going to happen. This Tom Brady's year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GentleGiant View Post
    I recall hearing on espn how colts fans were all rooting for Eli in the SB?.
    Should we do the same for peyton and the broncos?
    Hell no man, I want Eli to always have more SB rings than Peyton....it's the only thing Eli has over his brother.... as Francesa and the rest of the talking head idiots in the media wage their continued campaign to have Peyton canonized!
    When people start acknowledging that Eli is the far superior post season and SB player, then I'll root for Peyton.

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    I don't think that they were rooting for Eli and the Giants as much as the were rooting against Tom and the Pats.

    Probably for the same reason that some of you don't want Peyton to succeed-- it makes your QB look less significant. Or at least you think it does (It really doesn't).

    The difference is Peyton and Brady are actually in a competitive class together. As much as you love him, Eli just isn't in that class. No modern QB is... not yet, at least.

    Letting go of the desire to put Eli and Peyton or Brady on equal footing will be relieving for some of you if you can just learn to let go.
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