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    Im sure the playbook will be tweaked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morehead State View Post
    The Eagles were on the plane home about halfway through the first quarter.
    Not that it affects your well-taken point, but surely they traveled by bus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egyptian420 View Post
    It's Fewel's fault that players can't tackle?
    Yes it is the leaders fault. His schemes are terrible, he must go...Our defense is dredful and someone MUST be held accountable as it was the largest reason we did not make the playoffs

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoDeep80 View Post
    What people don't understand is that Fewell's defense is messing with our offense as well! His defense might be allowing 21ppg but when our offense is averaging the second least amount of plays per game because Fewell's defense allows teams to continue and prolong drives because of all the yards they give up and first downs they allow! and when a team does punt their punting from mid field and giving our offense horrible field position all game! The best way to limit an offense is to keep them off the field and give them bad field position and because of Fewell that's happening! Fewell's horrible defense is affecting a lot more than you know and he needs to go ASAP!!

    Spot On

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrycarson View Post
    Spot On
    When the opposing offense had their way with our D, that was more frustrating to watch than our O's ineptness. Guys were lost out there sometimes expecting safety help but the safety was no where in sight. No pressure up front.

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