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Thread: Lavar2's Mock Draft 1.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycsportzfan View Post

    I would tend to agree ... we just don't trade generally speaking.
    It drives me crazy that they dont.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TuckandRolle View Post
    Already heard reports Mathieu won't make it past 3rd round, but 2nd more likely.
    I see him listed as a 6th round prospect.

    That and we don't tend to like undersized corners (5'9) or people with off the field issues. If he's still there in the latter rounds, I could see the Giants taking the gamble (Reese usually has one project pick a year).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redeyejedi View Post
    It drives me crazy that they dont.
    I wasn't so bothered by it in the past. I think it will really start to bug me if we carry that line of thought into the new CBA though. Draft day trading is going to be nuts this year (if last year was any indication).

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