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    Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett Want Kiffin To Replace Ryan


    Excerpt: "After firing defensive coordinator Rob Ryan on Tuesday, the Cowboys have identified their top candidate to replace him: Monte Kiffin.

    Kiffin, the guru of the Tampa 2 defense, is the leading candidate in the eyes of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garrett, ESPN’s Ed Werder reports.
    We noted after Ryan was fired that the Cowboys could switch to a base 4-3 defense, and hiring Kiffin would make a lot of sense if that’s what the Cowboys plan to do: Although Kiffin is coming off a disappointing season on his son Lane’s staff at USC, he is still one of the most well-regarded defensive coaches in the NFL, stemming from his 13 seasons as the defensive coordinator of the Buccaneers." Read more...
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    I would.be happy with this, switching to a 4-3 having D. Ware putting his hand in the ground where he isn't comfortable is a good thing

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    good they would have to waste draft picks to make the switch and render some of their players useless. Plus playing cover 2 takes away from morris c.and carr's man coverage that shut the giants down this year.

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    exactly, they have 3-4 personnel, and anytime you make the switch there are going to be growing pains, at his age once they finally grasp his defense he will retire

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