Excerpt: "It may not seem logical, but newly hired Jacksonville Jaguars general manager David Caldwell just did more to help Tim Tebow's career than anyone Tebow has been around in his three NFL seasons. Caldwell, in a few simple words, was completely forthright about Tebow's lack of quarterbacking skill.

On Thursday, when Caldwell was introduced to the Jacksonville media, he was asked the elephant-in-the-room question about Tebow, who currently is on the New York Jets' roster. Would Caldwell be willing to bring Tebow home to Jacksonville, where he starred in high school and then traveled just down the road to Gainesville to help the University of Florida win two national championships?

"I can't imagine a scenario where he would be a Jacksonville Jaguar," Caldwell said.

A reporter, apparently dumbfounded by the directness of the response, even asked Caldwell to repeat that quote and Caldwell did.


Now all of this will lead to plenty of sarcastic responses from Tebow critics, including snarky remarks about how Tebow's career is over. It will get just as many responses from Tebowmaniacs who believe the NFL is somehow out to embarrass their hero because of his Christian values.
Fact is, Caldwell just did Tebow a favor by conveying what so many others – including Rex Ryan, most recently – have refused to say: the way Tebow plays quarterback right now doesn't work in the NFL." Read more...