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    I'm not interested in spending big FA money on KP -- he's too injury prone IMO. If he's affordable, then great, but I want Brown around for at least 1 more year.

    I do not, at all, feel comfortable in signing KP to a multi-year contract.

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    Could sign KP to an incentive type contract which could solve some doubts . thier is no argument that can prove the Giants are a better team with out KP, ( Look at the games he missed)

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    Much rather resign Brown and lose injury prone KP.
    We Want 5!

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    Quote Originally Posted by giants8493 View Post
    I would settle for just some better pass coverage.
    So staying healthy 16 games, 8 Int's returned for 307 yards (that's about 38yds avg), 11 PD, 2 FF, 2 FR isn't good enough for you? Who is this magic safety you're looking for or think we have? I don't care if he had some struggles in coverage his first season here. Rolle struggles in that area constantly, but he still has good value in other ways .

    He was hands down our best Safety. KP has 8 Int's in his ENTIRE 5 years here. Rolle has 17 in 8 years. Rolle is now basically a small LB and KP has missed 24 reg season games in 5 years.

    With that said, I'm not suggesting he's the best safety in the NFL or anything close. Just that he's earned (by far) a place here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALLnygIN View Post
    hes anything but proven
    he proved a lot more than any other player in our secondary in his first year with our defense...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WinterIsComing View Post
    If we can sign KP back and then pick up a second round pick for Stevie Brown, I think that is a move that would make alot of sense for us. Having an additional second round draft pick this year will greatly help replacing talent that we are sure to lose with so many free agents and help us lower costs by paying a rookie contract. Stevie is a good player, but we already have Rolle under contract, between Rolle and KP how many safties do we need?

    The Giants are excellent in the draft, they should be leveraging that skill and acquiring as many draft picks whenever possible.
    I just thank my own personal god that you don't make personnel decisions for the Giants!
    Your "two steps forward to take 3 steps back" approach to roster moves is equal parts scary and ludicrous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYFG View Post
    As have other teams, but Reese is one of if not the best in the biz when it comes to the draft.
    I'm starting to doubt that. He seems to have a knack for picking up injury prone guys

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    If you keep Brown you are pretty solid at Safety, even if you can't sign back KP (although with his knees that may not be as hard as we think). However, I don't really see how you'll get a team to give up a 2nd rounder for Brown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JesseJames View Post
    he's only been with us one season and proved he can make plays and almost led the league in INTs. what else does he need to do..
    Have similar numbers next year, learn to tackle, not get beat as often. 1 good year is a fluke, 2 good years is a coincidence, 3 good years is proven.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYFG View Post
    Have similar numbers next year, learn to tackle, not get beat as often. 1 good year is a fluke, 2 good years is a coincidence, 3 good years is proven.
    You better go tell the rest of the world that. RGIII is apparently HOF bound already.

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