Fact remains, I could ramble off doezensof Good recievers in the NFL, they are not hard to find... Cruz was an UDFA remember. Meaning, that if we don't pay Cruz a ridiculous amount of money, we can find a suitable replacement. Randle might be even BETTER than Cruz, who knows? Nobody thought Cruz would be as good as he is, Randle also showed a lot of flash in the pre-season if I remember correctly. The Giants have never had a problem with finding talent at the receiver position for the last few years, they have a lot of "depth" as you put it, we did not spend a second round pick on a WR for him to barely play for the next 4-5 years, The Giants had to of expected good things out of Randle.

And the point I was making is, people would think I was crazy for saying "Brown can run better than Bradshaw" and Brown did when he got the ball consistently, right now I'd take Brown over Bradshaw. And if we have to pay Cruz a lot of money I'd put my money on our high draft pick panning out with an Elite Quarterback, and an Elite healthy Hakeem Nicks on the other side. Don't tell me it's such a ludicrous idea to think a second round pick who has showed good potential in his first year in the NFL to be a great player when you have a guy like Eli at the helm.

I'm not saying Cruz isn't a top 10 WR, I'm not saying he's worth a good contract, but I don't think we should pay him huge amounts, I'd be happy with 5-6 million a year, but not a penny more.