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Thread: What is the best giants team ever?

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    What is the best giants team ever?

    Is it the 1986 team or the 2007 team? Is it one of the pre merger teams? Or someone else?

    Like the answers but I'm surprised that the pre merger teams aren't coming up. YA tittle or the Sam Huff teams?
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    I lean toward the '90 team.

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    The Parcells teams were much better than this ere's teams. They dominated through the whole season. TC's teams squeaked into the playoffs and got red hot.

    The only edge I would give to the TC era Giants is at QB and WR. The big difference is the defenses. TC's defense is not even in the same league as BP's defense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GentleGiant View Post
    Is it the 1986 team or the 2007 team? Is it one of the pre merger teams? Or someone else?

    '86 team by far the best ! Present team cannot compare to that one. We had the best linebacking corp in the NFL. All our LB's were pro bowlers, even some of the replacements.

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    '86 was simply dominant, awesome team.

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    86's defence was a beast

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    2008 would have been if Plaxico didn't shoot himself... but we got Nicks out of all that (no way in hell he would have fallen to 32 in the 2009 draft) so it all worked out.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    It's '86 for me. I would say '90 second and '07 and '11 are kind of even in my mind. Maybe I'd give an edge to '07 just because of Strahan.

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    1986 by far was the best team we've ever had. 17-2.

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