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    If Simms hadn't gotten hurt in 90, I would probably go with the 90 team, they were dominant and prior to Simms getting hurt I believe they were 10-0. That being said I would go with the 86 team. The defense was about as good as any in the history of the game. You actually looked forward to that defense being on the field because they were as likely to make a big play as the offense was. Teams feared that defense, who could blame them? I would not want to be a QB looking at those guys knowing that eventually I had to take the snap.

    On the offensive side, they just dictated to the defense, everyone knew they were going to run the ball, but no one could do anything about it. They essentially went out there and did what they wanted to do and few did it better... ever. They weren't a great passing team, not because of talent but because they didn't need to pass the ball. Simms was a very good QB and proved that in the SB.
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    This a trick question? 86' team without a doubt!

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    86 by far.....Maybe Bill Belicheat needs a break from head coach and will come back as our defensive coordinator. Then we just need a young Carson, Banks and Taylor and we're good to go. The hell with OL, DBs or anything else, with LB's like that we'd rock.

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    In my generation, the 1986 Giants were the best of the 4 Superbowl winning teams, in my opinion. But the NFL has changed so much in the passed 20 to 25 years. The athletes are bigger, stronger and faster, and the rules now benefit offenses moreso than back in the day.

    And I'm sure, there may be some fans from the older generations that may disagree---the Giants had some very good teams in the 50's and early 60's as well. That 1958 team was pretty darn good too.

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    The 86 team was the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BK07071 View Post
    '86 team by far the best ! Present team cannot compare to that one. We had the best linebacking corp in the NFL. All our LB's were pro bowlers, even some of the replacements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nhpgiantsfan View Post
    The Parcells teams were much better than this ere's teams. They dominated through the whole season. TC's teams squeaked into the playoffs and got red hot.

    The only edge I would give to the TC era Giants is at QB and WR. The big difference is the defenses. TC's defense is not even in the same league as BP's defense.
    +1. The 1986 team was the best they had in the modern era because the D was just so dominant. And they were young and on the rise. I'd have to go withe the '90 team as # 2.

    The Parcells teams had a toughness, throughout entire seasons, that the Coughlin teams don't have. And while I believe that the TC coaches are good, the Parcells coaches were fantastic, which included Belichek and Coughlin and a few others.

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    the 86 team was definetly the best. they could have went undefeated if they didn't lose two real close games at dallas and at seattle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by L.T.56 View Post
    the 86 team was definetly the best. they could have went undefeated if they didn't lose two real close games at dallas and at seattle.
    since I have been watching in 69...the 86 team..There was really no doubt after the 85 season that we were the best team in football...we could beat you so many ways...that defense forced it's will on teams
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