Every time our defense plays well in the playoffs it's because we play aggressively. We play more two man press which gives our line more time to get in. There was so much complaining this year about chipping and three step drops. If we played man press we would have extra people in coverage due to the chip blockers (LB would be able to cut off short routes) and the short routes timing would be disrupted. I understand we cannot solely play man but during the regular season but it seems like we are always in cover 3 with our corners 8 yards off the wrs or playing cover 2 and getting burned with miscommunications. Our D was also playing a lot of soft zones during the regular season in 2011 until we made the playoffs and switched our style. The joke is that we actually have players who excel in man press. Prince, rolle, williams, webster (at least he used to or maybe still can if he learns how to pick the ball up in flight or swat better..he also needs to stop peaking and trying to intercept the ball all of the time i.e. against oggletree or jordy nelson). This is just some food for thought, but I really believe that with the way the league is now with passing dominance, we need to start playing defenses that allow us to play as tightly as possible (Except against Aaron Rodgers cuz our cover two seems to shut him down). I hope I didn't put you guys to sleep