Seems as though all the other teams in our division are making changes and trying to improve !!!!!!
Beagles , get rid of whole coaching staff . Even made changes during season to try to get better. I personally , am very glad to see Reid out of NFC.
Cowgirls, get rid of Ryan . I thought he did a good job with their defense .I loved is "agressive "scheme . Also his "Firey attitude on sidelines .
Redskins , they made "PLAYOFFS". So they hit their goal for year . No changes needed .

GIANTS , fall apart final weeks off season , no playoffs . Ranking in defense was worst than Beagles and Cowgirls . You watch Fewell on sidelines , he looks confused . when there is a coverage beak-down , and he is talking to players who made mistake , he is smiling or looks as confused as the player. NO FIRE at all . Our offense has been the same for ten years . Hardly any changes in play calling . I can watch the game and know what plays will be called. If I can do it , don't you think the other team, who studies game films , know what is coming . How many times have we seen , Giants ball on the 8 yard line, third and goal . What play does Kildrive call ? Almost always fade to wide receiver in left end zone.

Changes are needed in our coaching staff !!!! Even our head coach , has no idea why we always have a "BAD " second half of season. Do I need to make "PLAYOFFS" every year . No !!!! But with the talent on this team , we should be in every game and "NOT" Blown off the field as we were in those last few weeks !!!!