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Thread: New Threat to Giants Draft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoDeep80 View Post
    With the Dallas Cowboys hiring Kiffin as their new DC they'll be switching to a 4-3 and their missing a couple pieces to their D. a DT and another DE. That means their just as much in the market for Ansah, Okafor, Hankins, and any other D-line prospect as we are. We cou;d have the guy we want snatched up right in front of us!!
    good,,then maybe a good corner or LB falls to us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter.525 View Post
    so is Ware a DE now..??
    Yes. He plays with his hand in the dirt anyway so the transition won't be tough for him.

    And I could definitely see Dallas snatching at Okafor or Ansah early on if there is a run on DEs.

    I'm hoping they aim for Montgomery instead.

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