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Thread: Divisional Playoffs Thread.

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    Rusty I mean we've seen that kind of throw from Eli before and that kind of throw is them at their worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giantsfan241 View Post
    This is Peyton and Eli at their worse, unbelieveable.
    Can't recall Eli doing that in a playoff game. I feel bad for Peyton!

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    Pisses me off that they would most likely miss that against the Pats. Poor Peyton. His greatness will always be questioned

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    This is no gimme - aaannnnnnd GOOOODdamn - Baltimore should have never made it past regulation.
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    Not saying in a playoff game, but in the Regular season we've seen Eli do that a lot..

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    can't blame no one but jonh fox and the refs for that. serious!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Giantsfan241 View Post
    Not saying in a playoff game, but in the Regular season we've seen Eli do that a lot..
    This isn't a regular season game. Peyton is known to do this in the playoffs - Eli isn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roosevelt View Post
    Yes, in 2008 Eli was brilliant. Tell us...
    One time for Eli out of Peyton's laundry list of post season F'ups.

    We all know you don't like Eli. You don't have to tell us.

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    Peyton chokes once again, I'm glad we have the better Manning

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    Broncos had so many opportunities to put this one away. Oh well. Ravens earned the win.
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