In watching the Baltimore game, I can't help but see similarities with Boldin and Nicks. Both are extremely physical and understand how to use their bodies to get separation, especially in jump ball/contested pass situations.

The only thing, Nicks is a more viable downfield threat, bc I feel Nicks has better downfield speed, and a bit more quickness. So how does that equate into signing Nicks long term? Well Nicks will be good even with age, similar with Toomer and how he was able to still be relevant into real old age in his case lol. Nicks gives us an awesome downfield/possession wr, which is similar to Toomer as well when toomer was younger. When Nicks loses a step or two over the years, he won't lose effectiveness.

I think thats a huge reason we gotta keep Nicks long term. Maybe more so than Cruz even.