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    A) Do we pay him like a Top-10 receiver if we expect him to suit up for 11 games and play like "Hakeem Nicks" in 5?
    B) Will someone else??

    I know those questions won't make me popular, but I assure you it's the TYPE OF THING Reese is (will be) thinking about.

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    Sadly, there's no way we keep both Nicks and Cruz. It's not possible with the cap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan420 View Post
    Well Nicks will be good even with age, similar with Toomer and how he was able to still be relevant into real old age in his case lol. When Nicks loses a step or two over the years, he won't lose effectiveness.

    I think thats a huge reason we gotta keep Nicks long term. Maybe more so than Cruz even.
    Given the injuries he's already had, I don't understand how he wouldn't lose effectiveness over the years. I hope he remains healthy for the rest of his career but what he has gone through already is alarming.

    I love Nicks and the physicality he brings to the offense. I'm not ready to call him a top 5 WR though, not with just one 10+ TD season and no seasons over 1200 yards. That's not top 5 stats.

    Randle and Nicks seem to have a similar skill set. I don't know to what extent but I'm sure we'll learn about their similarities or differences next season.
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