One thing you see offenses like New England, Denver, Green Bay, pretty much the better offenses through the air, all have well designed 4-5 yard short pass plays. The are high %, and can be based on a number of ways to exploit the D, such as body positioning or quick double moves, having crossing routes set picks in the zone the ball will go to...basically watch Denver, NE, GB, and notice how they can be just as effective with the short stuff as the long stuff.

And it confuses me bc in SB 46, we often moved the ball downfield with those shorter routes to the flats, and TE' I know KG is at least cognizant of it. The games our offense was shut down, it felt like we were relying on the same patterns that were putting us in the hole we were in, we never seemed to mix things up. and that baffles me bc eli can break down defenses. he doesnt get that chance when 3 of 4 routes are all downfield with their back to Eli, and he holds on and either takes a sack or forces it for bad news...didnt seem like we used bennett enough imo, thats 1 way i thought we could have taken advantage of those quicker passing plays, but we used bennett downfield as much as underneath when he wasnt blocking. oh well, hope they implement more of those kind of passing plays this offseason.