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    :What's missing from our offense that you see in the consistent offenses? "Not to sound curt but what's missing is consistency! Why up and awesomely scoring one week and stinking out the place the following week. Inconsistent preparation on the coaches, on the players, all of them? It seems to start with the receivers and Eli, drops, routes, or throws off the mark. Game opens, Cruz or Nicks drop balls or can't get separation, no offense for that game, just observations on my part.

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    our O line was totally ineffective when it was needed and when that happens its up to the OC to come up with some plays that gives the offense a different look and that should throw defenses off their game a little but enough for us to get something going on offense, didn't happen and never does...

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    O Line was worse last year ,biggest difference was Nicks. I dont know how anyone can think different . Watch Nicks last year than watch the Giants Offense this year it will become very clear

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