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    if dom capers gets fired..

    I don't see how we don't take a look at him. Dude knows how to play aggressive and blitz!!

    /end sarcasm

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    Apparently you're supposed to put that in red

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    we shilacked that team 26-3 fwiw...@SF no less...smh...we shilacked GB too but, wtf, has there ever been a team with such polarity?

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    I dont understand why he kept playing man coverage when the QB has almost 200 yards of rushing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redeyejedi View Post
    I dont understand why he kept playing man coverage when the QB has almost 200 yards of rushing
    too much faith in mathews? thats the only reason i can come up with thats somewhat justifiable. he had to have believed mathews could get to him, before kapernick could get to them?? Otherwise, at least drop 1 of the 4 useless DL he's playing as a spy since they werent even close to getting pressures...

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    well to be honest, TC wanted Capers. They both have history, at Jax iirc. And to be honest, I think if you gave Capers OUR defensive unit, he'd look much better. He had that D look respectable most of the yr, often with UDFA rookies at corner...

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    Yeah I still respect him as a coach. Point is on any given Sunday any team / coach can look like a chump

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    Alex Smith was playing not Kaepernick

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    one thing i noticed, slighty off topic but nonetheless, to counteract the option read offense, having 2 bookend DE's is a MUST. SF just kept doing it away from Mathews side and thats when he got those huge runs. I noticed we tended to do a little better vs spread option teams bc we had for the most part 2 bookend DE's, altho once teams figured on how best to attack (vs osi), we didnt do as well, at least imo.

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    both played. and kapernick came in the 4th and looked just as ****ty as smith did so...u can make any statement u choose and none will make "we shilacked them 26-3 @ SF" untrue...

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