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Thread: Peyton flops...

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    Peyton flops...

    Unlike his little brother who fights out of a sack and throws a miraculous pass (To make it TAGF worthy)

    Did anyone else see it? Nobody touched Peyton...they were about to...and he just fell to the ground. This made me wonder if he is hurt a lot more than he tells us and may be one hit away from being hurt seriously.

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    Nah, he did it prior to the injury as well. Doing so probably helped him stay healthy for as long as he did.

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    I was amazed that the commentators made no comments about it. It's almost like they are aware of it but don't want to bring it to anyone's attention. I know some of my thoughts are radical, but I was wondering last night if the NFL told them not to make any comments along those line.

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    They probably don't say anything because it's routine - Peyton's been doing it for years.

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    I admit he's always been what his bro's been called before...skittish...but I have never actually seen him do it before. I have seen him holler uncle easily in the past but never go down without being touched.

    It's funny, too...because he was the one that use to make Eli recite all the teams of the SEC while he was pinning Eli down and thumping his (Eli's) chest. Maybe that's why Eli refuses to say uncle as easy...because when he was young that was not an alternative.

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    That neck injury was significant, think he may be a little nervous about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Chaos View Post
    That neck injury was significant, think he may be a little nervous about that.
    nah, he's always been 50/50 in the playoffs. especially when his team is a really high seed, the best they ever did as the top seed was in 2009. the rest were all one and dones.

    he played an ok game, QB fumbles are tough to guage, because they aren't technically being reckless with the ball. but the throw across the body was an unbelievable, ******ed brett favre pass. i was absolutely stunned when i saw him put it in the air like that, especially since an earlier, off balance throw he made was the worst looking duck pass i've ever seen in the NFL.

    granted that he gave the ball to his defense with the lead with 30 seconds left in the game and gave up a lucky bs hail mary, but he did not handle overtime well at off, and was all over the place during the rest of the game. if this were a videogame, his postseason composure rating would be like 65.

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