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Thread: Jay Glazer: Jets "Can't Give [GM] Position Away

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    Jay Glazer: Jets "Can't Give [GM] Position Away


    Excerpt: "Maybe the Jets eventually will just bring back Mike Tannenbaum.

    Something has to happen at some point, because Jets owner Woody Johnson is having a hard time finding a new General Manager. Per Jay Glazer of FOX, the team “can’t give the position away.”
    Glazer says the Jets are calling back candidates who already have turned them down, asking them to reconsider. Meanwhile, guys they wanted who had other options (like Dave Caldwell and Tom Telesco) opted to go elsewhere.

    So where will they go from here?

    Adam Schefter of ESPN reported earlier today that the Jets plan to have follow-up discussions this week with two of the candidates who haven’t turn them down (yet), and that the name to watch is former Bears G.M. Jerry Angelo. Per Schefter, Jets assistant G.M. Scott Cohen also is expected to be part of the process." Read more...
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    What established GM wants to come in and have to listen to Rex Ryan?
    The roster is bad but I think the problem is more that Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson dont think its bad

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    Maybe they will fire Ryan after all.
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    "Maybe the Jets eventually will just bring back Mike Tannenbaum."

    LOL LOL LOL That would be awesome. That would literally be perfect. The jokes that would come from that would be hillarious.

    Little by littele Rex Ryan is being forced to eat everything he has said about other teams. And it's funny as heck watching it happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P_Simms_#11 View Post
    Maybe they will fire Ryan after all.
    Yup. That's why most of the candidates have turned down the gig, since a new GM usually likes to bring in his own HC...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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