It is the playoffs, no one really goes over to the general sports forum during this time and I've seen a few threads that aren't Giants related but here, I'll make it Giants related.

This Seahawks game is great, never thought I'd root for the Seahawks and as I type that, the game is over. Julio Jones with the interception LMAO.

So now we have the 49ers vs the Falcons..I want to root for the NFC team and I honestly dislike the Falcons more than I do the 49ers. The only problem is if the 49ers do win it all, we'll never stop seeing the threads in here asking for us to draft a scrambling QB which is riDONKulous. I'm tired of seeing the Patriots in the playoffs, and I really can't stand Tom Brady because he's a big cry baby.

There really isn't a team I'll enjoy rooting for..I mean, the Texans I like but they're in the AFC and if the 49ers win, I'm sure the fans will bring up how we beat them last year and how they deserved to be in the SB.

So who are you guys going to root for? I'm so happy the Packers are out of it and I lost a cry baby friend on FB because of it. The whole "least we were in the playoffs" argument is all he used, then I pointed out "Well in 3 minutes you won't be in the playoffs either" and that set him off.