1.Pass Rusher - Somehow this board has forgotten how this team has won 2 Super Bowls.They didnt win because of RT's. When Osi leaves the Giants wont have 1 edge rusher on the roster. Getting someone that can threaten the edge can change a whole Defense with 1 player
2. Strongside End - Tuck at best is now just an early down player. its possible if the Giants draft a player Like Mingo that he could take over at LB pushing Kiwanuka here
3. Cornerback -Preferably a CB that can play press coverage. If they draft 1 and play off all game then i will be on the Fire Fewell Bandwagon myself
4. MLB- Giants LB's did not play nearly as well as i thought they would this year.On paper this group as good as the Giants had in a long time.. Boley was nowhere near as good as he was in 2011. Jacquain Williams I expected to become a legitimate starter was hurt all season. Keith Rivers was just as disappointing in NY as in Cincinnati,Herzlich great story but not a long term answer and will struggle to make the roster next season, Blackburn is to physically limited to play this many snaps and for every splash play come 10 snaps of not good enough. Paysinger I thought played well with the snaps he received.

I still like some of the bodies at OLB. I thought the Giants would be able to move on from Boley and they still might. Williams didnt take the spot like i thought he would. MLB still needs an upgrade. MLB's the last 2 seasons have been found in FA fairly cheap maybe they can find a stop gap there.

5. OLine- This will move up if Beatty isnt resigned but I believe he will be the Giants top priority and will be back. I cant see the Giants allowing a rookie or god forbid Diehl protect Eli's blindside next season. C and RG I think will remain the same for 2013. A lot of people want the Giants to draft a RT however I believe the Giants are intent on turning that spot over to James Brewer. James Brewer was a raw physically talented prospect that was going to be a 2 year project. The 2 years are up. My guess is the Giants will bring in another cut vet and try to roll with Brewer. Is a RT possible yes but the with Brewer and Mosley recently drafted I believe that the Giants feel the answer is on the roster already.LG is the other spot that I could see a draft pick being used. Quite frankly had they drafted Cordy Glenn last yIear instead of a split time RB we wouldnt be having these discussions about the line.He could of played either Guard or Tackle spot and we would be set. I dont think Boothe will be replaced in 2013 but he only has 1 year left and he is the definition of average

WildCard Safety- The Giants could be very deep here or in trouble depending what happens in FA we must wait and see