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    I'm sure Bradshaw will want to start, might not happen here in NY.. FREE WILSON..!!

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    Ahmad, thank you for your services but it's time to move on from you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBookOfEli View Post
    Ahmad, thank you for your services but it's time to move on from you.

    lol we need to draft a RB (late rounds) though since Brown can't stay healthy

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    AB and Nicks killed us this year with this whole practicing one day a week thing, and then planning to execute on Sundays.

    If Andre Brown comes back healthy in time for the next season, I say stick with him and Wilson. Bradshaw is ailing on us, and don't like the way he holds up.

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    I'd love it if the salary cap numbers could be worked out so they can keep him.

    However, I think Killdrive has a Bradshaw obsession that hurt the running game this year.

    I could go either way on this.
    “Losers assemble in little groups and complain about the coaches and the players in other little groups, but winners assemble as a team,”

    - Emlen Tunnell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter.525 View Post
    I'll role with Wilson & Brown.. maybe draft another back in the later rounds.
    Eddie Lacy

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    Keep. Nobody on this team plays with more heart than this man

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    This seems a bit harsh //// Last year we missed Jacobs fire and passion/ Bradshaw is one of the few that show it/ I say keep him and pay him less

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    no one was questioning the fact that a year ago (when we had the worst running game in the NFL, not entirely because of RB, still......) we were paying our starting RBs $10 mill in total.

    now we're looking at Bradshaw's $3.75 mill and wondering if that's too much.

    i don't see this decision as too intriguing. we know exactly what we have in bradshaw, and if we can lower his touches, we can probably extend his career and improve his effectiveness.

    we have much bigger fish to fry than Bradshaw's $3.75 a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomasjmarino View Post
    Eddie Lacy
    Lacy will probally go early 2nd.. pass

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