Excerpt: "When it comes to conflicting reports, we’ve often seen ESPN-on-ESPN crime. For the first time ever, we’ve seen Bill Cowher-on-Bill Cowher crime.

At the outset of the CBS Saturday NFL pregame show, host James Brown addressed the status of the former Steelers coach, who has been out of the game since 2006.
“Coach, this week it was reported that you are looking to return to the sidelines,” Brown said. “You’ve been asked this for six consecutive years.”
Cowher didn’t hesitate. “Contrary to reports, I have no plans on coaching,” Cowher said. “I plan on being with one team. And that is this team here at CBS.”

Fine. Yet again, Cowher has denied that he plans to coach.But here’s the thing. This time around, Cowher is contradicting no one but himself." Read more...