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I know the statistics. Bart Starr had ice water in his veins in the post season and he led his team to more NFL Championships than any other QB.
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Really, 50 times easier? You didn't have 1/3 of the league making the playoffs back then, and no neutral site warm weather carpeted dome BS. Just two teams even qualified -- and an extra round in the late 60s as they moved towards the Super Bowl.In today's championships you've got more rounds to survive but you also have a much greater chance of getting into the tournament and the championship itself is played in air conditioned comfort not in the harsh cold elements with a frozen field.Are you a Yankee fan by some chance? You know it was the same way in baseball (one team in each league won the Pennant and they played in the WS, there was no LCS) until 1969, right? So all those World Series before 1977 only count for a quarter of a World Series, right?
You're kidding right? Doesn't matter how many teams got in the playoffs. There was still only 1/3 of the current league actually competing in the regular season so the same teams will get in because your record doesnt matter. Not to mention smaller schedules.Also there were no overtimes. If it was a tie in a game it ended that way. The packers won a championship with a 7-1-6 record. Only 7 wins but they still qualified. Babysitting system. Who cares what the conditions were? R u kidding? That's all you got? The weather? Give me a break. Not to mention that players nowadays r more talented than those of old. They're not gonna be affected by weather. The weather was not suddenly worse because it helps your argument. "So all those World Series matches don't matter as much?" YES! Take off the homer Yankee glasses! The packers do not have 13 SBs. Old championships should be separated from new ones if one was easier. No matter the sport. They count but barely as much. Might as be NFC championships or division titles.