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really... they folded what the last 4 years when the competition heats up.
They lost 2 very close SuperBowls over the last 5 years, hardly folding. They got blown out by Baltimore Ravens in playoffs a few years ago and beside that, there is not much anyone can really say about Tom Brady. The guy has had maybe 5 bad games in the last 5 years. Heck, Eli had more than 5 bad games this past season alone.

Tom Brady in my opinion, is The Greatest QB of all time. Joe Montana and Bart Starr are the only other 2 that I think should even be in the conversation. Granted, Terry Bradshaw was 4-0 in SuperBowls but he wasn't the QB that Tom Brady is. Peyton Manning is awesome in the regular season but the postseason is what separates he and Tom.

I think the entire SpyGate hoopla is way overblown. The very fact that NE Patriots went 16-0 during 2007 regular season and have been back to SuperBowl 2 times since SpyGate, proves it didn't really help them that much.

I think Tom Brady will play for 4-5 more years and probably win another SuperBowl or 2.