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Thread: The Honey Badger

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELI_HOF_NYG View Post
    the thing that confuses me are his punt returns,,I mean not only is he super elusive,,but he looks fast,,,,he is not doing that against the Ivy league,,he's doing it in the SEC against future NFL players with speed. he is just very intriguing to me.
    He is quicker than Fast. 4.5 is fast enough in college when u have change of directions skills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSabbath View Post
    I agree.. he's definitely an intriguing prospect. One thing I'll note is that I'll very rarely be upset with an SEC pick. I'm an SEC guy through and through... which will probably become pretty obvious when I start posting mock drafts. I used to post under a different name but my login wouldn't work anymore for some reason so I had to start a new account.
    They erased a lot of accounts when they switched over the boards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giantslb66 View Post
    I'd rather have Honey Boo Boo, she weighs more!
    I disagree, Honey Badger >>> Honey Boo Boo

    I see Honey Boo Boo as an undrafted FA..

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    The kid is a playmaker... he plays much bigger than his size...I can see him being used on offense , defense and st. He has Patriots written all over him.

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