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They were magical because we were garbage during the regular season, than all of a sudden we turn it on and win the SB.
I think you are letting your desire to argue has gotten the better of you.

First off, take a look at the number of teams that went into the playoffs as #4, 5 or 6 seeds and won--all of them played like garbage? The number of teams that get hot in the playoffs and go on to win it all far out number the #1 and #2 seeds that win it.

As a Giants fan, you should be very familiar with this; sadly, from both sides of the coin.

Secondly, your argument about 2 magical runs making up all of Eli's playoff wins is _________. You understand that the result of the 8 wins is 2 SB wins...the ultimate prize in any season, right? You seem to be saying that you care if Eli has post season wins that don't result in SB wins--that runs that do not result in SB wins are the mark of a good post season.