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Both superbowl runs were Magical? What the heck is magical?

There was nothing magical about our superbowl runs. Our D carried us in 2007 and Eli showed up at the right time to make the plays that needed to made. In 2011 Eli carried us and the Defense made the plays that needed to be made.

Eli in the playoffs is just a different animal. Face it, he was built for the playoffs cause of his personality. I'm happy he is our QB, just wish he had a coaching staff that knows how to use the talent around him and a front office to build an Oline that could block.
A man with a plan!!! Build a strong Oline again and see if Eli looks like a better QB. We all know he's not very elusive, but he does get rid of the ball without taking sacks. Sadly you are so right about the front office.