Round 1 – Jonathan Banks, CB – Miss St….. An instant starter on this defense. Webster is over 30, Prince seems like a solid player, but he needs to be pushed. Hosley is most likely a nickel corner and TT is coming off his third ACL surgery. Need to upgrade and Banks is a baller with swag.

Round 2 – Jesse Williams, DT – Alabama…. Monster in the middle. He is excellent against the run and based off the Giants inability to stop the run this year, he can provide a need. Joseph has turned into a great player, Canty may be nearing the end, Bernard is most likely done and Austin is still trying to learn the NFL game. Williams would be a fantastic addition. He was unstoppable in the title game… offense and defense.

Round 3 - Corey Lemonier, DE – Auburn… Elite pass rusher… has the ability to be an Osi type player, but was hampered by an ankle injury. He is all over the field and would be a phenomenal attention to the pass rushing game.

Round 4 – Brennan Williams, OT – North Carolina… Giants are in desperate need for a starting RT. Williams did a great job leading the way for Giovanni Bernard. DD is done, Locklear will be rehabbing and Brewer is awful.

Round 5 – Travis Kelce, TE – Cincinnati…. Underrated TE prospect with an all-around good game. He runs good routes, has good speed and is a big guy that could be a nice project for the coaching staff. Last year’s pick, Robinson is a major project and he has not proven to be able to dress at the NFL level.

Round 6 – Bruce Taylor, ILB – Virginia Tech… Smart football player that always seemed to be around the ball. Reminds me a lot of Jonathon Goff, but a better athlete. Giants could use an upgrade and may look to FA to fill this void.

Round 7 – Michael Dyer, RB – Arkansas State… Former Auburn standout and one of the top recruits out of High School. He has some off the field issues, but he could really be a steal in the draft. Bradshaw is a tough dude, but he cannot stay healthy. Wilson has been playing well as of late, but he needs to improve quickly. Dyer would just bring another weapon to the backfield.