I am talking about heavy, heavy music, not rock and roll, meaning bands like Metallica and Megadethbarely qualify. I am trying to come up with new music to listen too, and in the process I have come across some music that I used to listen to in highscholl, back in the early 90s. I would say my favorites would be:</P>


The Haunted (none of the early satanic crap, but their last 2 or 3 albums, are excellent, imo)</P>

Machine Head</P>

Malevolent Creation</P>


Lamb of God</P>

Himsa (these guys are excellent, if you like heavy music that still sounds like music and not a bunch of snare popping ****, this is it here.)</P>




there are others i like but the ones i listed are some of my favorites. Any recommendations for some heavy music?</P>