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id be pissed if we took ogeltree. no way hes a mlb at the nfl level in that build. too skinny/lanky imo. hed be a good WS LB but we already have like 3 of them in williams, boley, and rivers...plus, from what ive seen of ogeltree, once an OL got his hands on him, Ogeltree was useless. Looks like he has issues getting off blocks. Theres just no way I could see Ogeltree starting for us at MLB day 1. thats just me and i admit im not great with college player analysis so if someone can prove me wrong Im not above admitting i was incorrect
he is 6'3 232 lbs with plenty of room to grow so I dont follow,,,he can tackle, cover and go sideline to sideline,,, ray lewis 6'1, 240 patrick willis 6'1 240.