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Thread: Giants Must Find Solution At MLB This Offseason

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmen0820 View Post
    Can we just rename the MIKE LBer position to: "the only thing the Giants will ever need in the world?"

    Or how about -- for efficiency sakes -- "The GOD position?"
    "With the 19th pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the Giants select Super Awesome Linebacker Guy!"

    5 months later...

    3/25/14 - Updated Mock with 5th round comp pick

    1. Anthony Barr, Defensive End, UCLA
    2. Marcus Martin, Center Guard, USC
    3. Anthony Johnson, Defensive Nostril Tackle, LSU
    4. Marcel Jensen, Offensive End, Fresno State
    5. Wesley Johnson, Offensive Any Guard, Vanderbilt
    5. Aaron Colvin, Defensive Halfback, Oklahoma
    6. Storm Johnson, Guy Who Runs With Football, UCF

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    LBs in a 4-3 feed off the effectiveness of the Dline, inside LBs effectiveness is reliant on the effectiveness of the DTs, especially. D-line and specifically the DTs should be the priiority. It's the reason Ray Lewis begged Ravens management to draft Ngata. That being said we'll draft BPA.

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