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    Te'o will definitely fall after this girlfriend fiasco.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan420 View Post
    id consider our draft a complete success if we can get 2 of the 3 OL declaring for this draft from bama. like at 19 or we trade up or something for that G warwick is it? then in rd 2 that T they have thats nasty but not rated as high...ok dream over lol that be sick tho. i wonder why no teams ever try and keep dominant tandems/groupings of OL for a particular school that declare for the draft the same season...ya know like why wouldnt a team do whatever it would take to ensure u get all 3 of the 'bama OL declaring for this draft? Ud have ur OL being a core for 2 yrs already in college and now they have 10 yrs together on the same team...
    I would be on board with this.

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    Yes but PLEASE no T'eo......something is wrong with that dude...

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    he didnt look like he belonged on the same field as bama maybe this bs scandal had something to do with it i dont think we need that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELI_HOF_NYG View Post
    I am really hoping for Ogeltree, and if not him kasheem greene.
    really? Ogeltree looks undersized to me, like to skinny to be a MLB. i watched a few clips on him. i like his athleticism. and seems to have good instincts.
    but anytime an OL touched him, he became useless. Id be for drafting him the 2nd, no way the 1rst imo.

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    agree on ogeltree he might get gobbled up by nfl gaurds

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    He will get bigger and stronger. "Undersized" guys have done well in the middle before. Speed, desire and football intellect came over come a slight size defecit. Especially in the current era of speed offenses. He may not have all that, but thats what the scouts will determine.

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    Rochester, NY Yes Bills contry what can I do its where I live
    Agreed on the OL needs too. We can't over look a top O-lineman, if he is the best at his position when its out pick. The problem is, we have young O-linemen that we know nothing about. We are all sure we do not have a #1 MLB on this team as it sits today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riverboat76 View Post
    The game is changing with these mobile QBs. Unless the Giants plan on employing a 4 DE, 7DB scheme we need to upgrade the speed in our LB core. The days of the lumbering Kiwi or Chase are (hopefully) over. I would flip if Teo somehow falls to 19. I do think he will still be there after the top 10 so its not inconcievable to think the Giants could jump up a few spots to snatch him.
    Really? What did he do in the chsmpiondhip game that would make you want him? ND played a VERY soft schedule this year! The first real team they play they get crushed and he looked REALLY BAD... Missed tackles all over the field. He was overwhelmed and folded like a cheap umbrella. OVERRATED!!! He will be a bust in the NFL.

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    If the DE's would have generated a pass rush this year and the seconday would have been more consistent and not given up so many big plays who plays, MLB would not be an issue.

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