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It's funny because everyone used to talk about how Reid always managed to out-coach Coughlin time and time again....now they have a new HC straight out of college with zero NFL experience and the consensus is that we're about to get owned by Philly even more so.

So what does it boil down to, is our coaching staff that awful in your eyes that we don't have any confidence facing anyone, or are you guys just saying Philly is a better team overall?
Not awful by any means. But they're stuck in the past. They refuse to learn new tricks, or even try them out. They just dig their heads into the sand and fail to recognize that times are changing. Especially Killdrive.

Successful franchises will at least give new methods of playing and thinking a look, see what works and what doesn't, and try to incorporate what does work into the system. That's what the Patriots do. If we had Belicheck instead of the pats (let's say we flubbed in 2000 instead of making a playoff run, Fassel's gone, and we bring in BB to replace him), this roster would be so much better. Eli would be in the conversation for "best QB to ever play", while Brady would be a "very good, but not quite top tier".