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Agree. But, the more I read about it and the more I see the numbers of people duped by this stuff the more I believe him. I guess me being raised in a time where you actually met someone and went out with them a few times before you called them a girlfriend or whatever confused me.

The hard thing for me was to believe that someone would be so naive, but apparently it is a common thing.
I see both sides personally. From what I've heard and researched, Mormons aren't exactly the most computer tech savvy people in the world. It's very possible that the idea of a group of people "trolling" Te'o as a fake model girlfriend never crossed his head and it probably doesn't help that he is a young handsome man that has a bright future. In that situation, you might not even fathom someone pranking you because you could get almost any woman to want to be with you. He was also worried about the shame he would bring to his family by making such a "unique" relationship public and Samoans are big on the public perception view.

On the other side, we are talking about a top 50 college player that has a lot to gain or lose depending on his draft status. Gaining a media following is not only huge in the case of the Heisman race but to also stay fresh in the heads of NFL scouts and GMs. Could it be possible that this Roniah fellow is just being set up to take the fall for Te'os future? Not sure.

I'm just not willing to commit to either side of the black and white spectrum until hard evidence is presented and honestly, we may never see it too.