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NFC East is turning into a division that runs the football
Remains to be seen.

But as of the end of 2012 season, while Redskins were first in the league in rushing, the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys were 13th, 14th, and 31st, respectively, with the run. hardly qualifies as definitively a "division that runs the football"--at least not any more than any other division.

And as to our "terrible defense vs the run" 2012 Giants, we were 3-1 vs the top 10 teams in rushing (Redskins, Niners, Panthers), and 6-6 vs the other teams we played with lesser run games.

We definitely need to improve our run defense for 2013. But our failure to make the post season this year was ultimately due to inconsistency in so many other areas of the game, that in my view the emphasis on defending the run--and the attending emphasis on defending the read option as depicted in this article about Kelly and his potential impact upon the Giants--is quite overblown.

We split the Redskins games, and their new offense with rookies Griffin and Morris gave the Giants fits, to be sure. But even with the admitted porous run defense of the Giants this year we were in both games until the last second of each, winning one with a thrilling finish and losing the second one by 1 point.

I don't share the sudden fear factor of the so-called read option that's implied by the writer of this article.