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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruttiger711 View Post
    You would think with some of the comments here that Chip Kelly makes existing NFL players even faster.
    He does. Just not during the actual play.

    It's a very fast paced offense.

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    Eagles have the personnel for him to run his scheme effectively. So much speed on both sides of the ball.

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    I am glad he is getting his shot. I have always enjoyed watching some of the things he did at Oregon. However, I have my reservations tho about that offense in the NFL.

    If he tries to run that super fast paced offense, his defense is going to be on the field an a lot and with just a 53 man roster he isnt gonna be able to rotate like he could in college.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
    Will mean all hurry up no huddle. Giants defense needs to be in good shape for next season.
    Bad feeling about this...
    Stop Booing Tiki Barber.

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    but will Chip Kelly keep Vick to run his offense.....that's the question here

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    An instawin

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    Quote Originally Posted by shocknaweny View Post
    but will Chip Kelly keep Vick to run his offense.....that's the question here
    There is speculation he could run a multiple QB system

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    What makes Chip dangerous

    As someone who has covered his Oregon teams and watched every snap since the 2010 Civil War (and many snaps before that), Chip's read option is not what makes that offense great. It's their incredibly high level of execution with the no huddle. it's their ability to get off snaps in rapid fire succession. the ability to look at a silly play card and know the play, the check downs, the blocking schemes etc. This is what will make them tough to deal with. It's what Belichick took from him last off-season. It wasn't his read option.

    Now, i will say this, they'd better score touchdowns and lots of them, because their defense will be on the field a lot. they score quickly, but those 3 and outs are quick too. so- like at Oregon - they'd better be getting nice leads, so once their own D is exhausted, they're just giving up meaningless yards and cosmetic scores.

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    Not too worried.... they are missing a ton of pieces.... most notably a QB.... Michael Vick coming back is music to my ears
    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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    He'll be another College coach that fails in the pros....Just my prediction...

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