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I think outside linebacker may be a bigger need.

In the Tampa 2 the most important linebacker is the weak side backer. The giants have boley who just isn't physical and is declining, rivers who spent all season hurt and is a FA, and J Will who was hurt all season and had some struggles against the run as well. A dominant weak side backer would change this defense a ton. And J will could move to the other lb spot and be a sub package guy.

Favorite Lb for me in this draft is Arthur brown. Who I do think could eventually become a middle backer, but he has a very nice skill set for weak side too
Most important position in a Tampa 2 is the MLB not the WILL. MLB is the joker (from the typical MLB role). The WILL performs the same function in the Tampa 2. The MLB has to cover more ground (and gets dropped into coverage more) in a Tampa 2.

Ogletree could play either though imo. JWill could *not* play MIKE or SAM with any consistency. How do you put a guy who you say is weak against the run (and I agree ... JWill is not strong against the run) at the SAM or MIKE spots?!

Not sure Arthur Brown has the size for either the WILL (kind of short compared to Ogletree) or the MLB (light). At 6'1, I'm not sure how much more weight his frame could take and still sustain his speed which is one of his strong points.

Ogletree and Brown are currently ranked really close to each other but I have a feeling Ogletree will rise while Brown will stay around a mid to late 2nd rounder (meaning Brown might be available to us where Ogletree might not).