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Hence the MIKE has to cover more ground.

Urlacher is a much better LB than Briggs (over the course of their careers) and is much more integral to the Bears defense.

Chad Greenway is a SAM and I'm not sure you can make the case that he's better than E.J. Henderson was for that team at this point. E.J. Henderson certainly meant more to the Vikings than Greenway did.

Cato June currently plays SAM as well (transitioned two years ago when he went to Tampa).

And having a good WILL (or better WILL than MIKE) is not an indication of priority, but rather how your personnel choices worked out.

I meant compared to Ogletree. All things being equal, who would you rather have at WILL ... the 6'3 guy or the 6'1 guy?

Not sure he could play SAM. As you've pointed out, he's not strong enough at the point of attack. And nowhere do I see him listed larger than 225 lb (was 220 when drafted, and 215 throughout most of his college career).

And while I like Arthur Brown on tape, odds are that he's not the next Derrick Brooks.

Keep in mind that I like both Brown and Ogletree. I just think Ogletree translates better than Brown and fills a potential need more. Having said that, I thought Vontaze Burfict was going to be garbage and look how he's turning out. So I readily admit to being awful at judging college talent in translation.
Ya, chances are hes more Jordan Dizon then he is Derrick Brooks...lol Nah, i really like Arthur Brown alot, but not when compared to Khaseem Greene and Alec Ogletree, or even Kevin Minter for thart matter..