Just watched some more tape of Ogletree and most of his failed tackles seem to be due to the lack of lower body strength like Redeye pointed out earlier but there were times during the SEC Championship that he made a goal line stand or crucial 3rd down stop like you would want our of your MLB. This guy can be something very special but I'd be cautious giving him too many snaps in an NFL defense in his rookie season. I could see him getting bullied against a run heavy team with his current build and lose confidence. I dunno...if I'm the coach, I put him on the field for more obvious passing downs and special teams in year 1 and then when he adds more weight for his sophomore year, let him compete for the starting job.

Brown looks like he can start on day 1 and make a solid contribution to a team that already has a decent front 7 though I just don't see future superstar in him. Slip said something about him starting in the middle earlier in the thread and I'd be curious what he saw in him to make that statement?