Emmit Smith presented the trophy and Hakeem Nicks made SB MVP. It was pretty cool, somehow the Colts made it to the Super Bowl.

<Other season highlights>
1.) Traded Bradshaw and a third rounder to the Ravens for a first round pick

2.) Wilson broke the single season rushing record and single game rushing record

3.) JPP broke the single season sack record with like 26 sacks

4.) I mapped Arnold Schwarzenegger's face onto my coach so he was our first year coach

And now I'm eyeying this MLB in the draft, going to keep reloading the draft until I get him. I'm probably going to also go for a CB in the first round..

This game is so cool how it eyes draft picks with story lines and even has them have off field issues that get them benched.

I'll post some of the high lights I recorded, it's pretty amusing and I played it on All-Madden with custom sliders recommended to me from a forum.