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Thread: Sorry the fake GF dropped T'eos stock for me....

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    I think a team looking for a future leader MLB would select Minter. This kid is not getting praised for no reason. I see him creeping up mock drafts all over like in the mid 20's where as before we was projected mid 2nd round. Sorry to hijack a little, I believe all this te'o soap-opera talk needs to rest now. The kid is still a first round talent regardless of where he goes. to argue this now is fruitless cause he can go to the Jets. He will help himself to be honest in interviews and tell them what really happened I don't see his stock dropping at all, all this knee jerking reaction to it is kind of stupid.

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    I think we all need to face the reality that there will most likely never be another LT or Harry Carson again for the Gmen........but yes upgrade the MLB if we can, but I don't know if we need to pop for a 1st round ILB to do this.

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