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Thread: Summary of Giants' 1st Round selection by the experts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahh View Post
    Why do I keep seeing people compare Okafor to Osi? I don't see that comparison at all.
    No idea.

    From CBS Sports:

    STRENGTHS: Displays strong hand play, chopping away at his opponents' attempts to get their hands on his chest or using an effective arm-over swim move to slip by them. High-revving motor. Arrived at the Senior Bowl leaner. Good overall athlete. Most impressive attribute is his power. Okafor can knock opponents onto their heels on his way to the quarterback and also sets the edge nicely as a run defender. Okafor's ability to make plays against the run and pass makes him arguably the most well-rounded senior defensive end in the country.

    WEAKNESSES: Lacks quick-twitch burst and isn't a speed rusher.

    --Rob Rang
    If you watch tape on Okafor, this accurately describes his skill set. If you were to compare him to anyone it would be Justin Tuck (in his prime).

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdawg1413 View Post
    Agreed. I am glad Ansah is going to go crazy at the combine. I really don't want him for some reason. Okafor is a better player imo.
    Derrick Morgas WAS a better player than JPP also...

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