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    Monte Kiffin May Be Able To Lure Rod Marinelli To Cowboys' Staff


    Excerpt: "The Cowboys believe they scored a coup when they were able to land Monte Kiffin as their defensive coordinator.
    They may be able to make the same claim in the defensive line.It appears Rod Marinelli could join Kiffin’s staff as the defensive line coach. The two worked together for 10 years in Tampa Bay before Marinelli left in 2006 to become Detroit’s head coach." Read more...
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    My opinion. Don't think that Marinelli will take a position coach role for the Cowboys when teams like Kansas City and San Diego are looking for a defensive coordinator. Bears' defense ranked fifth in total defense this past season and led the NFL with 24 interceptions, including eight for TD. Under Marinelli the Bears finished in the top 10 defense in the NFL for three of the last four seasons. Wild card may be Tampa Bay, where he used be a line coach. Warren Sapp loves the guy, and the Bucs may have one of the most promising front seven. Where they need real bad help is the secondary. Remember when Eli passed over 500 yards in week 2.

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    From what I've heard, he's already been hired

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